Return of the King of Rebirth

"Do you know what a business war is?" After the gold-rimmed glasses, the sharp eyes lightly swept over everyone's surprised face, "Today, I want to change the class mode, not by me, but by you.". I hope everyone can cite a typical case of business war and answer the pros and cons of this business war from their own perspective. A word shook the students, some people could not help stretching out their hands: "Teacher, we just graduated from high school not long ago, do not know what specific business war, no case to say how to do?" "I know everyone's mobile phones are very smart now. It doesn't matter if you don't know. We have two classes. You can use your mobile phone to check the Internet now.". Choose a case arbitrarily, can not repeat with the previous students, can not copy the evaluation on the Internet, only one requirement, opinions require original and unique. Knowing that they could no longer hide, everyone quickly scooped out their mobile phones and looked down. Joking, the more you speak later, the fewer cases you may choose. Seizing the time is the king's way. All of a sudden, the sound of fiddling with mobile phones became the mainstream in the whole classroom, and only a few people who had begun to pay attention to this aspect in high school still looked calm. The professor did not seem to notice the obvious state of polarization, seemingly casually slipped around, and then stood beside Yunxi. The sunlight drew a blurred circle of light under the golden eyes,pump tube, only to hear the old but majestic voice of Sang ringing in her ears. He said, "Leng Yunxi, you are the first to come." Hot summer, irritable room temperature still surrounded the whole class, everyone looked up in surprise, looking at the old man's blurred expression behind his eyes, pinching a cold sweat in his heart, the old man is not used to Leng Yunxi,metal cosmetic tubes, how can he not even give some time to prepare? Yunxi is also a little confused, in addition to some time ago to try to re-enter the stock market, participated in a competition won the championship, her life in the college can almost be said to be ordinary to the extreme, however, the professor stood beside him, where she had doubts about the time, stood up, sighed gently, the next moment, Her cool and elegant voice slowly sounded in the huge classroom. The battle between Google and Microsoft turned dark on July 8, 2009, when Google announced that it would launch a pc-based EOS operating system that would allow all applications to run in a web browser, after the e browser hit 30 million users. In fact, this business war, plastic laminted tube ,tube lip gloss, in the eyes of many people, is actually predictable. Before the listing, Google's recruitment notice was revealed, because the background of the recruitment requirements has nothing to do with the search business, but is in line with Microsoft's core business operating system, requiring experience in operating system design, compiler optimization, distributed system architecture and so on. After Google went public in 2004, Marcus lukovsky, Microsoft's chief architect for windows, defected to Google. After that, joebeda, the core developer of Vista's winfs system, was also poached. At the end of 2004, Google even opened an office five miles away from Microsoft's Redmond headquarters in Washington, which was seen as a move to attract Microsoft talent. When a Microsoft employee leaves, the first question from the HR department is usually, "are you going to Google?" However, Microsoft did not allow the other side to excel. In June, Microsoft launched a brand new search business, Bing, and reached a cooperation agreement with Yahoo in July to make up for the failure to complete the acquisition of the latter, thus putting great pressure on rivals in Google's core territory. Her voice was cold and fluent, as if there was no need to think at all, and those proper nouns, long strings of human lives, did not even blink, as if they had been rehearsed many times. She was talking about one of the hottest business battles of recent years, the tit-for-tat between Microsoft and Google, the most high-profile competitors in the global it industry. Whether it's something that can be searched on the Internet or something that was ignored by the media before the business war began, she can clearly point out that logical thinking is perfect and language expression ability is hard to match. Just like a naked diamond, it finally breaks through the shell and emits a unique light. By the time her voice stopped, the air in the whole classroom had already frozen. Everyone looked back at the old professor and saw that he smiled naturally, but he said, "Would you like to be my close disciple?" In an instant, the whole class exploded, and the Buddha standing in front of him was a celestial flying fairy. Chapter XXII Review How can Zhang Dadao want to accept an apprentice? Or a closed disciple? The little eyes of sympathy and pity that had just looked at Leng Yunxi turned into naked flames in an instant. Obviously, these guys are just jealous. Who doesn't know that Zhang Bo is extremely harsh in accepting apprentices, not those with top grades, not those with outstanding potential, and not those with outstanding temperament. It's been at least ten years since the last time he accepted an apprentice. It is no exaggeration to say that as long as it is under the seat of Zhang Bo, both the connections and experience are higher than those of ordinary business people. Although they may not be able to run amuck in the market, the first few disciples are now well-known figures. Even if they have no achievements, they alone can protect her for half a lifetime in Beijing. And the most people care about more than this, Zhang Bo has never received a female apprentice ah! In the end is the root of the wrong brain, today should make such a thing? Even Yunxi himself was confused by the scene, and it was rare for him to look like an idiot with his mouth open. The old man seemed pleased with her reaction and patted her on the shoulder. "If you don't understand anything in the future,empty cosmetic tubes, come to me directly." This is the obvious meaning of drawing her under his own door. Then, regardless of everyone's daze, he stood back on the platform as if nothing had happened and continued to ask the students to cite business war cases.