When I came to the place where the five carp dragons had given me the holy Dan, I saw a stone wall with words, which were neither the words of this world nor the words of another world, so I didn't know them! "What should be played?" I asked. I don't understand. Can't the real king read? The blue carp dragon opened its mouth. Yes I suddenly stepped on its tail and replied. The carp dragon immediately squeaked and rolled its body around, trying to break away from me. That sound is really like a mouse. The other carp dragons were all far away from me. The golden snake immediately came down from my body and circled around my feet anxiously. I picked up the anxious snake and asked, "What's your hurry if I ignore it?" Swinging its golden head and its golden tail, it seemed that it was really worried. We'll tell you about the real king. Don't step on it again, OK? You'll die. The white carp dragon made a trembling request. I quite like that white carp dragon. Releasing his feet, the green carp dragon immediately shrank into the corner. Tell me I grabbed the golden snake who wanted to see the green carp dragon into my arms and opened my mouth. Yes, it says that we are the dragon of the earth, the king of the earth beast, and the holy beast of the royal family. We are not allowed to leave here all our lives until the true king appears. The white carp dragon reads the words above. I raised my eyebrows and continued to listen. "When the golden carp king is born, it proves that the true king will come to rule all the lands of the world." I looked down at the golden snake. Was it the King of Carp? This king of carp is really small, and he was seriously injured by humans. And the carp dragon, who guards the true king's companion, will also be born. And after the appearance of the true king, he presented the holy elixir of the carp dragon and followed the true king's companion for life. "The true king's companion?" I frowned. Yes,turmeric extract powder, the true king of this generation will have five partners, because we have five. The black carp dragon opens its mouth. Five? I don't think it's me who's called the real king. I'll only marry two. Since you must always be loyal to the true king's companion, why doesn't the green carp dragon leave Du Canzhao? Could it be that " He is the companion of one of the true kings. Because he can absorb the holy elixir of the green carp dragon. The white carp dragon spoke with certainty. Absorption? What do you mean? Can't anyone eat Saint Dan? Don't make any mistakes. Laobai is still waiting for Saint Dan to save his life. How is that possible? The Holy Dan is a sacred thing, and most people will eat it through their intestines. Only the true king's companion can eat. I closed my eyes, and then angrily scolded: "Damn, where are so many things?"? A broken bead was picked up by someone. Damn it. The carp dragons all ran away, afraid that I would not be happy to pay attention to their tails,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, especially the blue carp dragon who had not spoken all the time. Taking a deep breath, I asked again, "Then how can I know who the true king's companion is?" "King Zhenzhen, don't you know who your partner is?" The blue carp dragon asked in a low voice. I'm not the real king. I yelled. The dragons ran away again, and the golden snake in my arms poked its head out and kept licking my face and comforting me. The golden carp king is the evidence, because the golden carp king will not talk to anyone except the real king. And the induction of the carp snake is also very strong, if you are not the real king, they are impossible to let you into the cave, again, our carp dragon Shengdan is not anyone can touch, only the real king and the true king's companion can touch. The black carp dragon crackled. And I want to ***ing stomp on it. My God, can I live in an ordinary way? ------------------- Back at the mouth of the cave, phycocyanin spirulina ,jujube seed powder, I looked at Du Canzhao. He was still sleeping, and the green carp dragon around his neck was sleeping comfortably. Is he the true king's companion? My partner? Nose, eyes, mouth, none of which I like, but on the whole, he is beautiful! I remember how much I hated him when I first saw him, the murderous look on his face when I slapped him twice, his temper when he heard that I was going to destroy Dongguo, and the way he refused to let go when he saved me. Slowly picking up the sword, I looked at him coldly. The green carp dragon opened his eyes alertly, and when he saw me, he closed his eyes and went to sleep again. Pointing the sword at his chest, I trembled. He had to die here, or I would be in trouble. When I took a deep breath, what he said to me at that time appeared in my mind: Dong Ruyue, live. I want you to live. Throw the sword hard, I can't do it, damn it! "Why don't you kill me?" Opening his eyes, he sat up and looked at me. With a stiff face, I did not speak. I know that. When I heard you say that the carp dragons didn't hurt you, I knew that you were the real king! He whispered. I can't do it. My voice is quieter than his. Then, when you come out of the hole, you will die! He told the truth that both he and I knew. I am destined to be the real king, so ambitious he can not let me live, even if he ascended the throne, he can not let me go, because he will worry that sooner or later, the throne will be taken back by me. I will lie to you first, let you give me the throne at the enthronement ceremony, and then I will give you a fake antidote. If you are not dead, I will tell the world that you are the true king in the legend, a true king who can unify the four countries. Do you think the kings of the north and south will let you go? They will hunt you down forever, and then there will be no place for you in the big world! With a calm look on his face, he told me about his plan to kill me. I have long thought of what he said. It's not too late to kill me now. If I die, no one will know that you are the true king. And you also know the location of the antidote, when the time comes, you can not only live, but also "" "I said I couldn't do it!" Interrupt him with a roar. I took a deep breath and said,jujube seed powder, "You take good care of yourself and wait for us to go out." Why save me? Why did you give me the carp dragon holy Dan? He asked suddenly, very eager. You saved my life, didn't you? I looked at him. prius-biotech.com