Hu Yuzhen couldn't help but interrupt, "Tell me, you're not even afraid of death, but you're afraid that people will know your truth?" "All right," said Shen Yu, "I'll say it. The reason is that I don't think it's interesting to live. Both Hu and Li were greatly surprised and looked at him in surprise. Shen Yu said lightly, "Have you never thought about this problem?" Hu Yuzhen shouted, "You live very well. Why do you want to die?" "Yes," said Li Xie, "if you want to die, it's a bit of a groundless worry." Shen Yu said, "I also admit that such an idea is almost boring.". But I have been thinking about this question since I was a child, so I have been looking for the answer. I wonder if you two have the answer? "Hu Yuzhen didn't say a word, but Li Xie said," I do. Shen Zi was greatly surprised and said, "You are not an ordinary person. I think the reason why you want to live is that you can be different." "You're wrong," said Li Xie. "I think since a person is born in the world, he might as well live well. If you don't agree, I'd like to ask, why not live well?" Shen Yu said, "That's a good question, but I've asked myself. Although I can't answer it, I don't think I should live well." wwW. xiaOshuo The third chapter goes thousands of miles to the famous teacher. t/xt. Small /Say.. Tian + Tang Because of his expression,best green coffee bean extract, voice, and so on, there was a strong sense of distress, so now even Li Xie could not help but not believe it. He thought to himself, "Since this man really feels that it is meaningless to live, it is meaningless for me to kill him.". In my opinion, every word of this man comes from the heart and is really credible. Although Li Xie has killed many people, has seen many strange behavior of the characters,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, but such as Shen Yu, the body said to have seen, even in a dream has not appeared. So he was obviously a little confused, and for a moment, he didn't know how to deal with it. Suddenly he saw Shen Yu walking outside the door, because his expression and behavior showed his inner depression, so he did not want to escape, just to breathe fresh air outside the door. Li Xie did not stop him, and Hu Yuzhen kept silent. Shen Zi walked outside the door and took a few deep breaths of the smell of the sea in the air, which made people think of the vast and boundless ocean that was always undulating. Its reactive power does not need to.. Enough to make anyone small, so Tao ran for it. But the undulating waves of eternal faith are like the pulse of the ocean, which makes people feel that the ocean also has life. But it exists in the form of Shen Yu's thoughts, become misty and hazy, and for a moment I forgot what I had just said with Li Xie. Also forgot the danger of Hu Yu, still waiting for his efforts to rescue. But Li Xie did not let him go so easily. By this time, he had already strode out of the house and happened to see the profile of the word Shen in the sunshine. Only then did he discover that the young man had a broad and full forehead, lycopene for skin ,ghana seed extract, which showed that he was a thoughtful and wise man. Secondly, the high bridge of his nose shows that he is a strong character. But on his face, there was a confused and negative look. Moreover, he was obviously lost in a kind of confused thoughts. "I have only two ways to deal with him," said Fu. "One is to attack him suddenly with a knife, so that he can resist instinctively under sudden vigilance. The other way is to try to keep him alive, so that he will naturally fight me with all his strength. He considered that the former of the two methods was only suitable for dealing with the simple-minded eight. The latter method, if successfully used, the higher the intelligence of the other side, the more miraculous results can be received. But how can we arouse the will of the other side to survive? This is really a great problem, because Shen Zi is precisely because he feels that there is no love in life and no pity in death, so he will be indifferent to the matter of life and death. Li Xie thought for a moment, Hu Yuzhen's beautiful image suddenly passed through his mind, and then the shadow of Chen Chunxi, a village girl, emerged in front of him. "Shen Shou's nature seems to contain a chivalrous quality," he said, with a clever plan on his mind. Therefore, although he can ignore his own life and death gains and losses, he can not ignore the safety of people related to him. If I put this responsibility on him, he will have no time to think for himself, and he will have to be busy for others. The whole fishing village is still silent. Li Xie coughed heavily, shaking Shen Zi's ears with a buzzing sound, and unconsciously put away his scattered thoughts and turned his head to look at Li Xie. "Chen Chunxi, come out," said the white-clad swordsman with a cold face. The village girl, who had not dared to make a sound for a long time, was taken aback, but she did not dare to disobey such a strong voice and walked out of the house in fear. Li Xie waited for her to approach and then said, "The pirates have retreated. Why don't the people in the village go home yet?" Chen Chunxi said timidly, "Because of you.. It's still here. With a sharp slanting snort, he said, "What method do you use to inform the fishermen who have dodged?" Chen Chunxi said, "We made an appointment. Every family doesn't make a fire, so there's no smoke in the chimney. When they're all right, they all make a fire to boil water and cook. When they see the smoke, they'll come back at ease." "That's a good idea," said Li Xie. "Go and light the fire." Chen Chunxi said, "Yes, yes." But the foot is unshakable. "How dare you disobey my orders?" Said Li Xie coldly. Chen Chunxi turned pale and trembled all over. She seemed to want to speak, but she was too frightened to speak. "Don't be afraid," said Shen Shou. "If you have anything to say, you might as well say it." Chen Chunxi heard his voice, immediately calmed down a lot, such a situation, fell in the oblique picture, so that he can not help but secretly jealous. "Are you going to kill them when they come back?" Asked Chen Chunxi. "You have to kill three or five people," said Li Xie ruthlessly. Chen Chunxi was caught in a dilemma. If he went to make a fire, his uncle, brother, relatives and friends would suffer. If you don't make a fire,pumpkin seed extract, you will be in danger. "If you disobey my orders, I'll kill you first," announced Li Xie. Chen Chunxi was so shocked that he almost fell down. But she still had no intention of setting off to make a fire. Then he snorted low and hit her in the chest with his fist.