As soon as these puppets wake up, they will kill the nearest person. The strength of these puppets is all at the level of Dou Zun. At the same time, the momentum is extremely terrible. In a short moment, within a hundred meters around the stone seat, they are stained with red blood. The strong smell of blood permeates the air, which makes people feel shocked. Puppet Suluo-0 Seeing this, Xiao Yan frowned, these puppets, all are Dou Zun strength, now wantonly killing, like a tiger into a flock of sheep, in addition to some big forces, no one has the strength to compete with them, often fight two or three rounds, is to tear these puppets. This is not an ordinary puppet, in their eyes, there is still a remnant of life. Disappointed with the latest frenzied killing puppet, Xiao's eyes suddenly swept to the latter's eyes, where it was not empty like other puppets, but burning with an extremely exuberant sense of killing. This is the ancient people, with special means to extract the soul of the strong out of the human body, and then sealed in the body of the puppet, so that the puppet, not only has a mind, but also can display fighting skills, far more difficult than ordinary puppets. The Venerable Heavenly Fire is also a Taoist with a dignified face. Smell speech, Xiao Yan couldn't help but take a breath,lutein eye complex, this Dou Sheng strong means is really ruthless, so to say, in order to create these puppets, he is at least killed more than a dozen Dou Zun strong? In the vast hall, the already turbulent situation became even more chaotic because of the joining of these stuffy puppets. At this time, those strong people and forces who wanted to reap the benefits could no longer stand idly by, because these tough puppets who only knew how to kill had already brought them into the scope of attack. I'll see if I can grab a scroll later. Don't do it. We can't be greedy. Otherwise, we'll only get burned. Xiao Yan took a look at the chaotic hall, everyone is in the ten scrolls flying under the loss of reason, red eyes constantly chasing,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, anyone close to the scroll in advance, will be behind a group of people instantly surrounded, fighting gas spray thin, the person who got the scroll did not even have time to scream, is directly blasted into a rain of blood. Uh. Hearing Xiao Yan drinking low, the crowd also nodded, if there are too many scrolls in hand, it will inevitably attract countless red eyes, at this time, no one will pay attention to the gap between strength, the temptation of fighting skills, has made them crazy. Boom! As soon as they fell, a dozen figures not far ahead suddenly burst into a fog of blood. In the fog of blood, a gray shadow swept out like lightning. A bloody pike, with a fierce wind, stabbed Xiao Yan and others. 4_ ww w . xia oshu m Chapter 1236 fighting for ancient scrolls. "Bang!" As soon as Xiao Yan shouted, the purple-brown flames burst out of his body, the soles of his feet stamped on the ground, rosmarinic acid supplement ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, the hard floor burst into powder in an instant, and his body, like a huge fire dragon, with the most brutal posture, forcibly rushed to the crowd of the red scroll of neodymium. Xiao Yan, who suddenly intervened, also attracted the attention of the public. At the moment, many people's faces changed slightly, and immediately the chill in their eyes flashed. With a wave of their sleeves and robes, the fierce fighting spirit was to bring up the sound of breaking the wind and sweep away at Xiao Yan. With the strength of these people, they naturally dare not shoot Xiao Yan on weekdays, but at this time everyone has been tempted to go crazy, who also cares about the identity and strength of the other side, so there is no hesitation to start. Winter-! Looking at the more than a dozen fighting practices that had been swept away, Xiao Yan gave a cold hum, and with a flick of his fingers, five purple-brown pillars of fire shot out from the surface of his body, and then together with the heavy bombardment of the practices, they almost destroyed all the practices, and the remaining pillars of fire were also in the startled sunlight of the people who had shot them, mercilessly in their bodies. The explosion opened, and the terrible temperature turned them into several fireballs in an instant. Xiao Yan this merciless means, but also to make some of the strong face ready to make a move slightly changed, this is a little sober, the moment can only grind teeth, the palm of the brewing attack gradually pressed down. With the help of the short-term deterrence caused by the tough measures, Xiao Yan's fire dragon also broke into the crowd directly, and with a flash of his body, he swept away the red scroll. Xiao Yan's move, is also the only one in the circle of Dou Zun strong complexion sank, he was chasing the red scroll from the very beginning, he was the strongest in the crowd, so the probability of success is also the highest, now Xiao Yan suddenly intervened, naturally also caused his heart strong intention to kill, eyes flashing at the moment, palm a grip, A huge axe appeared in his hand. Drink! A low shout came from the strong man whose strength was also around a star, and immediately the dark yellow fighting spirit poured out from his body, and the muscles on his body were also wriggling eerily at the moment, a terrible force, lightning condensation. Get out of here! The Dou Zun's face was gloomy, his figure flashed, and he appeared on the top of Xiao Yan's head. The huge axe in his hand, carrying a terrible force that could create the world, tore the space apart, and fiercely attacked Xiao Yan's spirit cover. Fuck off? With you, too? The terrible force that suddenly enveloped the whole body, naturally attracted Xiao Yan's attention. With a sneer on his face and a grip on his palm, the Xuanzhong ruler flashed out, and the purple-brown flame and lightning gushed out, immediately turning into a winding fire dragon on the body of the ruler. Fuck off With a sharp shout in his mouth, the heavy ruler, carrying a hot and fierce wind, collided heavily with the mountain axe of the star Dou Zun in the most intrepid posture. Clang! The collision of feet and axes, the earth-shaking sound of gold and iron, suddenly exploded, immediately a strong wind ripples, swept out from the handover place,ghana seed extract, around some strong people, suddenly a stuffy chest, the body is involuntarily upside down. Puff! 。