Tian smiled bitterly, that has gone far iron calyx Ying, but I do not know one day, will not turn around? Tian Xiao spent the whole day on the grassy slope. There was nothing to eat at noon, and he didn't care, so he chewed the grass roots to play. He knew that a young man like himself who had practiced kungfu would only be more energetic if he was a little hungry. Toward dusk, he heard a blast in the distance, his ears moved, and after careful analysis, he recognized that it was "Happy Events Near"-ah! Tian Xiao suddenly remembered that the battle of Gu Shan's arena seemed to be tomorrow. The happy event is near. The happy event is near. It seems that it is really near. Tian Xiao looked along the sound of blowing and beating, and saw the door of Xianyang City open in the distance, and a lot of people crowded out of the door in the dark. Too far away, Tian Xiao can not see very clearly. Curious, he sprinted up to the top of the slope to get a better look. But I saw those people carrying something coming out of the city. The day is near dusk, Tian Xiaoyun full eyesight, or do not understand. He is such a person that he can't stand a little doubt in his heart. At that moment, without stopping, he saw that the direction of the group of people was the northwest side of the hillside where he was, and immediately went downhill and ran there. To his surprise, those who were far away did not follow the road, but chose to go in the wilderness. Tian Xiao saw that they were walking slowly,empty lotion tubes, so he did not worry and followed them slowly. There was a small mound in front of him for a moment, and he could no longer see those people, but the sound of blowing and beating still came faintly. After a while, he climbed up the plateau and saw that the men had gone two or three miles away. There were about a hundred people in this group, all carrying long, square things on their shoulders, appearing and disappearing in the path between the earthen plateaus. The sky was more gray,aluminium laminated tube, and it was not clear what was being carried. Not for a moment, I saw that group of people stopped far away under one side of the plateau. Tian Xiao saw that they suddenly disappeared and were covered by the earth plateau. For a while, they came out and went back the same way, but everyone's shoulders were empty. Tian Xiao could no longer hold back his curiosity and hurried to the place where they had left their things. With the strength of his feet he reached the limits of two or three leagues. He was impatient to take a detour again, and when he met with obstacles, he urged him to move and climb up directly. Suddenly he came to a highland, and his field of vision suddenly widened-he saw that this area was full of gullies and plateaus washed out by water, with loess gullies crisscrossing and some plateaus standing in the middle. The old loess plateau spreads out the folds on its skin, the sky on the top is grey, and the fields around it are dry and yellow. Most of the wind and percussion players who had gone far away had stopped, and occasionally the young and talented ones blew the suona alone, and the rhyme became more loud and clear. They broke away from the noisy accompaniment, but they were able to become hoarse, get out of the yellow earth, and run excitedly straight to the sky. Tian smiled and lowered his head, eye cream packaging tube ,cosmetic tube packaging, but saw a loess ditch tens of feet wide at his feet. There were no less than a hundred coffins scattered in the loess ditch. He was surprised from ear to ear. He had never seen so many coffins in his life! The coffins were scattered, with uneven texture, poplar with white stubble, hardwood with heavy color and valuable at first sight, and strange Fraxinus mandshurica, with patterns showing its curved nature. They're not painted. They're just left in a mess. These coffins are obviously empty. Between the coffins, an old man and a young man were counting. The old man finished counting, sat down on one of the coffins, took out a stick of dry tobacco, smoked it, and sighed to the young man, "Oh, the coffin.". The name of this thing wrapped up in the end of a person is also so nice. It is both an official and a wealth. The young man answered with a smile, "I'm afraid all the wood in the city of Xianyang has been searched out now. It's very easy to drive out such a number.". The person who ordered this is going to make all the officials and money in the world, isn't he? Only these days, who can not die, if dead, for a while only afraid can not find a coffin, had to straw mat wrapped. "Then he raised his eyes doubtfully." Grandpa Chen, how could someone have nothing to do and order so many coffins at once? " The old man raised his eyes and looked around as if he were wary of something. Then he lowered his voice and tightened his throat. "Who knows?"? How can you use so many coffins at once! I've been thinking about it these days, and I always feel that it's not right. Also guess, this may be, with that. It's about the ancient fir. The young man's eyes lit up. "Gu Shan?"? The ancient man has been handed down to his generation, and the whole family has only one branch left. How can he use so many mouths? The old man rolled his eyes and said, "Don't say that you don't have respect in your mouth-who said that the ancient surname should be used?"? He doesn't need it! I also thought about it and guessed that it might have something to do with him. That ancient young master, others do not know, I can know he has great kindness to our Xianyang city. Seeing that there was a story in his stomach, the young man could not help coming over and sitting down beside the coffin where the old man was sitting. He asked expectantly, "What great kindness?"? Tell me, tell me quickly. The old man seemed to like to talk, too, and knocked on his pipe. That was ten years ago. At that time, I was not as old as I am now, and my legs were still strong enough to walk. I used to collect some wood on the Ganliang Road, and what I heard most in my ears at that time was what happened in Jianghu. People were running outside, and how could they do it if their ears were not good? That's why I heard about it. He raised his eyes to look at the sky and estimated whether there was any time to gossip. "Have you ever heard of Qilian fighters?" "Are they the horse bandits?" The young man blurted out. As soon as the old man stretched out his hand, he covered the young man's mouth and scolded him, "The child's family, don't have a light or heavy mouth!"! Anyway, it's their grandfathers. I heard on Ganliang Road that year that they were tired of robbing houses on the frontier, and somehow they decided to come to us. They have a distant view of Xianyang and are ready to do a good job here. When you were young, you didn't know that the court was in chaos in those years, and you didn't care about us. So, if you really want to give them success, we ordinary people are afraid of difficulties. At that time, when I heard the news,custom cosmetic packing, I was not in the mood to collect wood again, so I made up my mind to run home. That time, it was the first time I heard the name of Gu Shan. emptycosmetictubes.com